Robotic Rehabilitation Center


Due to technological advancements, medical robots had invented. Which innovative tools that improve muscle in patients with brain and neurological disorders recovery to a better quality of life faster. This smart robot consists of a robotic gait training and robotic arm training.

Robotic gait training

Consists of a walking robot, modern weight support system, walking track and intelligent computer monitor system that allows patients to walk in a variety of training forms as well as able to reflect the ability of walking training that has evolved in each training session.

The intelligent computer monitor system can set the walking program that according to the disease and patient’s needs, it also can define the dimensions of the walking support at different levels of each leg.

Moreover, there has a reflecting system of a REAL-TIME walking training that can create realistic pictures on the screen to stimulate the muscles at each point and encourages the patients to have feelings and emotions to practice walking as well.

The principle of a robotic gait training will focus on the legs movement by walking and controlling the muscle pattern in repeated ways, which will help the patient to become confident and learn.  The walking of both legs will be in a correct pattern form similar to nature that allows the patient to practice walking for longer when compared to the traditional gait training.

The robotic gait training combined with physical therapy training, there is a tendency for stroke patients to walk by own rather than training only physical therapy and improve their balance. Besides, spinal cord injury patients, cerebral palsy children  have a positive result in standing balance and transfer mobility of patients.  The robotic will stimulate the brain to learn and memorize how to walk effectively through the walking practice with the robotic as well.

Robotic arm training

               Research results that a treatment has focused on using the arm muscles intense and consistently that will make the muscles in patients with paralysis, stroke, brain disorders, and spinal cord injury are returning to function more efficiently by the intelligent robot helps arm do more function when compared to traditional rehabilitation.

The benefits of robotic gait and arm rehabilitation

  • Able to increase consistency of training that helps the brain has to relearn from repetitive exercises that make walking and arms moving faster.
  • Help the patient to practice walking in many forms, such as stepping, weight-bearing, walking on the ground, climbing stairs.
  • Help the patient to practice moving the arm muscles in many dimensions, for example, in a horizontal plane, and against gravity.
  • Reduce symptoms of fatigue or muscle injury due to exertion or excessive muscle training.
  • Able to adjust the training style and determine the walking speed to suit each patient.
  • Able to adjust the model of the arm muscle training to be more challenging to proper the ability of the patient.
  • Helps to increase muscle endurance that patient can walk longer distances and able to use the arm for a longer time.
  • The weight support system helps reduce the burden of carrying weight while practicing walking for both patients and therapists.
  • Help the patient return to normal walking and have a better quality of life sooner.


Who can come to receive the robotics rehabilitation center

People who can undergo physical therapy with robotic gait training, do occupational therapy with robotic arm training, such as, the patients with brain and neurological disorders with the muscle weakness of arm and leg. Those are results in hand function problems, gait impairment, and poor balance, etc.

Brain and neurological system disorders diseases such as

  • Stroke
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Injury or brain accident
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Elderly or people with gait impairment

However, The doctor will assess the patient before receiving the rehabilitation with robotics that is proper for using or not.


Date : Monday - Saturday
Hour : 9:00 - 17:00

*by appointment only

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