Our Doctors
Quality care begins with quality people

All our doctors are specialized and work only in their special fields, they do evidence their qualification by periodical further education. At BBH Hospital, we believe every patient deserves the best in orthodontic care. Our doctors are highly respected in the orthodontic community and utilize cutting-edge technology and resources to provide exceptional treatment outcomes. If you’re looking for an orthodontist who is skilled and compassionate, you’ve come to the right place.

This is an important component of the concept in our hospital.

Dr. Kusuma Kunawongkrit

M.D., Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Worawit Kitisakronnakorn

M.D., Hospital Director

Dr. Torsak

M.D., Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Poonsak Artamnuayvipas

M.D., Consultant

Dr. Anuwat

M.D., General surgery

Dr. Juksanee Woranuchkul

Neurology Department

Mrs.Orapan Wongsarapanchai


Mrs. Manita Keephaiboon


Dr. Nivit