Operating Room with C-Arm X-ray


BBH - Better Being Hospital equips with two operating rooms, a standard operating room and a minor surgical room.

The standard operating room equips with all important equipment which are needed for the minimal invasive surgery including the standard anesthetic unit, a standard surgical bed which is able to use with fluoroscope, the portable fluoroscope for minimally invasive surgery.

The minor surgical room is for various minor procedures such as joint injection, spinal injection, facial injection in order to provide the most safety procedure for the patients.

BBH operating rooms is cleaned by the most effective disinfection using UV-C, the equipment, floor, and contact surfaces are cleaned by the disinfectant solution. The floor are cleaned every 4 hours.

The hospital operating room cleaning procedure are  everyday in order to provide the infection free room for the most effectiveness of all surgical procedure.


Date : Monday - Saturday
Hour : 9:00 - 17:00

*by appointment only

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